the 12 steps that will reboot your business

“An excellent book that complements the original Matrix. Easy to read, understand and execute; especially important in the current climate.”

Steve K, Business Owner, Manchester

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A new approach to Planning and Execution.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, only those businesses that are equipped to anticipate, sense, and respond to change will succeed. Many leadership teams will be exposed. A new approach is required.
In this book you’ll discover:
  • Why so many businesses have a flawed approach to Strategic Planning.
  • The all too common short-cuts that are now more hazardous than ever.
  • A simple, 12-step sequence that will help you adapt during uncertain times.
Engage your senior team in a more agile approach to planning and execution and increase your chances of success.
  • "A great tool to measure your organisation’s chances of long-term success."

    Manchester Metropolitan University

  • "I think it’s a great tool, the USP is the assessment of Senior Team alignment. I have not come across anything else that does that."

    Ian S


  • "A very insightful and useful tool. I'd say that the results are pretty accurate! I particularly like the very simple Matrix and report produced."

    Zoe A


  • "The Growth Probability Matrix has the potential to have quick and immediate impact and more importantly get business leaders onto the same page."

    Khalida S


  • "A hugely useful tool and process. There are many companies out there that will benefit enormously from the Growth Probability Matrix."

    Simon B


  • "I love the way it provokes debate, consensus-growing and action amongst the senior team as well as measuring ability to grow. Can't wait to use it with some of our clients."

    Jane J


  • "I think it’s so ground-breakingly simple yet powerful to use and implement."

    Michael M


  • "A common language and harmonised vision amongst the senior executive teams cannot be underestimated."

    Khalida S


  • "This would be a good model for any scale up programme."

    Andrew M


  • "Loving this, I can see real value in your approach!"

    John B


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